5 His Eye is on the Sparrow - Freebie Thursday!

This digi stamp is being offered as a freebie, but only for a limited time. View His Eye is on the Sparrow Church Hymn Senitment Digital Stamp in the Tiffany Doodles Digital Stamp Store!  Be sure to upload your TD digi stamp project to our Tiffany Doodles Flickr Group Gallery! It may be used as an example in the Tiffany Doodles Store!


Linda said...

It isnt free they are charging a $1.00 for it

Tiffany said...

Hi Linda, it is free! You simply use the freebie code at the checkout. Just like always! If you have any trouble just email me! Thanks! Tiffany

Fit Kitty said...

This is a beautiful sentiment! Thank you so much!

Enjoy your day!

Jodi Hallas said...

You are very generous, but I do not see the freebie code anywhere on the page.

Tiffany said...

Hi Jodi! You'll find it inside the heart on the page here! http://www.tiffanydoodles.com/His-Eye-is-on-the-Sparrow-Digital-Stamp-p/eyeonsparrow.htm ENJOY!

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