1 Make A Strawberry Gatefold Refillable Notebook!

I was so inspired by a gatefold notebook card  Mel (MelStampz) made that I decided to make one myself!  I was completely inspired by her (always magnificent) work on this project as well.  Strawberry Heart Digital Stamp set by me! Tiffany Doodles, find it here!  Digital Papers used in this project by Mel!  Find some of them here! She has tons of papers for download! You'll definitely want to bookmark Mel's site (if you haven't already) b/c you could spend hours over there finding inspiration everywhere you look!  I decided I didn't need to re-do an already fantastic tutorial written by Mel so if you are interested you can check it out here!  But I did want to share all my pics with you!  If you have any questions about it - just shoot me over a quick email!  So, here it is... my Gatefold (re-fillable) Notebook!

Click Here to pick up the Strawberry Heart Digital Stamp set from Tiffany Doodles!  (Also check out the Strawberry Hearts coordinating Digital Paper set!)

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Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Tiff! I love love love it. How you went bold with the colour & shimmer and the great xox stitched inside, and the sentiment, and the pop of the strawberries. You are Awesome! (and by the by, you flatter me beyond words - blush). How I wish your were my neighbour so we could craft together! :o)

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