0 Oranges! - A copic tutorial!

Hi all the Tiffany Doodlers out there.  It has been a crazy summer for me but I am back and had to show off one of Tiffany's fabulous images from July.  I LOVE her "Oranges" stamps and was dying to play!

The card itself is very simple.  I used Bazzill Swiss dots cardstock and created a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2 " card base.  I cut a piece of patterned paper to a 5" square and adhered it to the base then added a frame cut from a lighter shade of Bazzill Swiss dots card stock.  The outer edge of the frame is 4 3/4" and frame is 1/4" wide.  The Copic markers I used for coloring the orange are YR15, YR16, YR18, YR30 and my Colorless blender.

Step #1 - Use your YR15 to fill in the peel of the orange.

Step #2 - Use your YR16 to add your first layer of shading.

Step #3 - Use your YR18 to add your darkest shading.

Step #4 - Blend your layers together with your YR16 and YR15 then go in with your YR30 to push the color back and add a highlight.

Step #5 - Use your YR18 to stipple shading over the YR16 area and YR16 to stipple shading over the YR15 area.  Fill the rind of the orange in with your YR30.

Step #6 - Pick up some YR16 with the tip of your Colorless Blender and add it to the meat of your orange.  This will give a watercolor effect.

I used the same steps to color a slice of the orange and added them both to my card.

I hope your summer is going spectacularly if you are here in the States and I hope everyone is enjoying the Summer Olympics!  Peek in on my blog to see all of my latest doings, including a brand new class, Inky Doodles! www.scrapweaver.com


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