0 Watercolor Pencil Tutorial - This is the Day!

I am continuing on the theme of product tutorials and this week I am playing with watercolor pencils.  I am using the "This is the day"  image to color today.

To complete my card I also used two colors of cardstock, my watercolor pencils and my water brush.  You can use a regular paint brush and water as well.

Here are some different techniques to try and practice with your watercolor pencils;

1)  Use your colored pencil to create a gradation on one color in a section.

Start at the darker section and pull your wet brush over your pencil to smooth the color and fade it out to white.

2)  Use two different colors to color a section of your art work. I like using colors that are near each other on the color wheel, they will blend more easily together.

Use you wet brush to go over your colored area blending the two colors together.

3)  Color an area with one or more colors and go over the area with your wet brush.

Come back in while your paper is wet with a water color pencil for an intense burst of color in smaller areas.  Do NOT go back over these with your brush.

I used all of these techniques on my finished image.  I also just colored in and smoothed some of the areas with a single color.
I trimmed my image and layered it on top of my two cardstocks for a simple, colorful greeting card.

Thanks for peeking in at my tutorial.  If you would like to see more of my art work and here more about my teaching stop by at my blog at www.scrapweaver.com.


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