2 Prisma Color and Gamsol Tutorial

 I got a little off track but I promised to do a short tutorial on using colored pencils and Gamsol, and I keep my promises so here it is!  I created this card using the Panzy Pot set from Tiffany Doodles.

The supplies I gathered include:
     *Cardstock by Bazzill
     *Patterned paper by Basic Grey and Wild Rose Studio
     *Adhesive pearls
     *White ribbon
     *Crystal button

To construct the card base I cut scored and folded my base layer of cardstock.  I trimmed my second color of cardstock  to 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 and my patterned papers 2 x 5 1/2, 3 x 3 and 2 1/2 x 4 and layered them all on my card base in that order.  I tied a bow in my ribbon and attached it near center on my card then wrapped the ends to the inside of the card.  Then I added small adhesive pearls to the bottom left and top right corners of my top layer of patterned paper.

On my image I used Prisma Colored pencils and Gamsol.  I am coloring on a smooth white cardstock but will be trying different textures in the near future.

 Step #1 - I used my lightest yellow and colored the top petal from the center out almost to the edge.  I am not using a ton of pressure and you can still see the paper through my pencil.

Step #2 - I used a second, deeper yellow to add some shading to my top petal.

Step #3 - I wet the tip of my blending stump with Gamsol.

Step #4 -  I rubbed small circles over the area I colored with my colored pencils.  The Gamsol breaks down the colored pencil and allows it to smooth across the paper and blend together.

 Step #5 - I completed all the yellow on the petals in the same way.

Step #6 - I used a dark pink and lighter purple to color the base of the purple sections of the flower.

Step #7 -  I used the Gamsol on this base layer and then added an indigo color to these sections.

Step #8 - Color the center of the pansy dark yellow and then clean off your blending stump using sand paper and just scrub the color off.

Step #9 - I filled the leaves with two layers of green.  The lighter green covered the entire leaf while the darker added shading along the veins and at the base where there would be a shadow.
The photo shows one leaf before adding the Gamsol and one after blending with Gamsol.

Step #10 - Complete all the leaves.

You are ready to cut out your image and add it to your card.  I used pop dots under mine so it would easily sit above the bow.  To finish my card off I added a crystal button to the center of my flower.

Thanks for checking out the tutorial.  If you would like to see more of my doings and learn about my on-line Copic coloring class that starts May 8th hop over to scrapweaver.com.  Happy coloring!


ike said...

Ooooh - totally cool. Thank you... I might give this a try :-D xxxx

Lagene said...

Great tutorial, love your pansies!

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