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Have you seen the "zentangle" craze going around lately?  Some people can fill a whole page with black and white doodles that are so incredibly detailed that it looks like it took days to draw it all. Well, if you want to learn more about it.... we happen to have a professional zentangle doodler on our team!  Michelle is so great at this technique I asked her if she would be willing to share a little sample with us here!  And she said Yes!  If you are interested in learning more you can find a link to her class at the bottom of this post!!  I'm currently taking it right now and I'm so excited, I've got my brand new journal and pens ready to learn how to zentangle!!  Ya'll leave a comment here to let us know how you like this and if you would like to see more....  =)  Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your class Michelle!!! This tutorial is something new and fun. How about a little doodling? Tiffany designed this AMAZING note card set and I am using the container to play with some doodling!

The Triple Pocket Notecard Box PDF Template (available in this polkadot design and blank).

To start I printed out the first page with the base and four pockets. I cut and scored each part so I would know where all my boarders are when I flip the paper over. I have a group of sketch markers that I love to use for doodling, each has it's own advantages. Typically I use a Sharpie, ultra fine point marker, it is permanent and waterproof so I can add many forms of color if I want to. I also like the American Crafts Slick Writer for many of the same reasons. The third marker that I use frequently is my Copic Multiliner SP. The big advantage of the Multiliner is that it is compatible with Copic markers, so if I want to add colors at the end with my Copics I use this sketch pen.

Next I doodled on the back of the base and on the fronts of all three pockets. Here is one of the specific patterns that I love. I started with a large spiral that fills the entire space that I am working on or a section that I have separated from the rest. Notice on the pocket I have worked my way over the outer score line. This will make sure that my pattern goes all the way around the sides.

Next I work from the center of the spiral out repeating a small backward "C". You can see in this close up that there are spots where the "C" goes over the spiral line, we will clean this up with the last step.

I work outward typically working on one quarter of the spiral at a time then turning my paper as I move on to the next section.

After I fill the entire spiral with my pattern I go back and thicken the spiral going over it one or two more times. This step will clean up the ends of the "C"s and also emphasize the spiral, creating the appearance of depth.

Complete a pattern on all three pockets and a patten or design on the back of the base.

Fold and fasten all three of the pockets.

Instead of a snap I attached a large button with a brad on the top of my base. I also tied a ribbon or fiber under the button.

Attach the three pockets using the glue guide and score lines on the inside of the base.

With my button and string, I fold my box, wrap the fiber around the box and then wrap the button once or twice to hold it shut.

The box is complete! I will probably fill mine with blank note cards to have on hand for quick notes or maybe even doodle on a few of those.

Some tips on doodling.
  • Most of the time it is easier just to start with a pen, skip the pencil, you will make mistakes BUT the small repetitive patterns often hide the mistakes and show the hand drawn effect better.
  • Don't use a ruler, again this should look hand drawn not perfectly straight.
  • Keep your patterns tight and smaller. Filling the space more completely with lines is often more effective for this doodling or "Zentangle" effect.
If you would like to learn more of the patterns that I have shown here, I have a whole class all about doodling that includes 18 patterns and all sorts of ideas on where to put them. Here is a link if you would like to take a peek at Oodles of Doodles.


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