2 Triple Note Box PDF Template Tutorial!

I'm so happy to introduce this fun, fabulous and versatile Triple Pocket Note Box Card PDF Template to you! I have been thinking about this design for almost a year and it has finally come to life and I'm so excited to finally share it with you!  This template comes in 2 forms: the polka dot design you see below and a blank version for you to use your own designer paper or stamp and color yourself!

The template set comes with a blank version that you can use on your favorite designer paper!  You could use a pretty double sided paper for the backing piece! Or leave it solid and stamp your favorite design!  For this tutorial I'm going to show you how to print and assemble the colored version that comes with the set!  I created this fun polka-dot pattern along with matching cards! (hello friend, thank you, and call me!)  So let's get started, shall we?

♥ ♥ Step 1 ♥ ♥ The first step is to print Part 1 onto a sheet of white cardstock.  I'm using Georgia Pacific 110lb. cardstock, nothing too heavy b/c it needs to be scored and fold nicely!

♥ ♥ Step 2 ▼ After you have printed Part 1, insert your paper into the paper try with the printed side up just like it's shown below.  (Special note: I am using a bottom fed paper tray printer.  If you are using a top feeder, simply translate these steps to fit your printer needs.)  Now, after your paper is inserted as shown, close the paper tray then proceed to print Part 2 (the pocket designs).  I realize that it looks like it would be backwards but it won't be!!

Here is what Part 2 comes out looking like!▼

Now after you have printed Part 2 your paper should look like this ▼ your cut/score lines on one side and your pocket designs on the other!

♥ ♥ Step 3 ▼ Now insert your paper back into your tray again just like below to get ready to print Part 3.  Part 3 will print the interior side of your backing on top of your cut/score lines!

Here is what Part 3 will come out looking like: ▼  Notice the text will print over itself, but that doesn't matter cause that part gets tossed!

♥ ♥ Step 4 ▼ Now to print Part 4 (the exterior side of the backing) insert your paper back into your feed tray as show below ▼

Here is what your paper will look like after it's 4th run through the printer! ▼

Below you can see what your paper should look like on both sides (each side gets printed on twice).  Now you are ready for cutting!

Below I have all the pieces showing.  I printed 1 sheet of each card set (10 cards each sheet).  I also printed enough envelope templates to match (15 sheets)!  I'm also showing another shot of the backing/pocket sheet to help you out! ▼

♥ ♥ Step 5 ▼ Now it's time to cut and score your pieces!  Using your solid cut lines - cut out all the pockets and your backing piece!

Below I'm showing the interior side of the backing piece.  You notice the score lines here are dark, however on your actual template the lines are much lighter so that they won't show so much on your paper. ▼

♥ ♥ Step 6 ▼ Score all of your dotted lines on the backing piece. ▼

♥ ♥ Step 7 ▼ Score your pockets! ▼

♥ ♥ Step 8 ▼ I wanted the flip lid part to have a little sturdiness to it so I cut a piece of acetate and used super glue to stick it on.  (my craft glue didn't want to hold the acetate).

♥ ♥ Step 9 ▼ Gluing the magnets: To mark my spot on the other side to glue my magnet I poke an ever so light hole through the dot.  Note: I used magnets, but you could use other items like a little piece of sticky velcro!

Then I glued the magnets.  Make sure you are gluing the right sides down and I recommend crazy glue! I fastened one to the top of the flip lid and the other to the outside of the backing piece where my little tiny hole was.  As shown below!  ▼

 ♥ ♥ Step 10 ▼  Next I started gluing the pockets on. I printed a 'glue guide' to help you glue the pockets in the right spot.  Glue the bottom tab on first. ▼

Then fold the other two tabs inward and glue those down too! ▼

♥ ♥ Step 11 ▼ Repeat step 10 for the other 2 pockets!

♥ ♥ Step 12 Print out your 3 card sheets and cut them up into 10 cards for each 3 designs.  Also print your envelope sheets.  You'll need 15 copies for 30 envelopes!

Here is a pic of the exterior after assembled.

Here are a couple of shots of the folded up box!

I left the back a blank space so you can stamp or write your own name!

Here is a close up of each of the 3 cards:

I hope you've enjoyed this project and get alot of use out of this really fun template!  If you make your own design using the blank version - please share it with me, I would just love to see your creations!


Tammy said...

Super great job on the design, construction, and tutorial!!! This is uber cute!!! Huge hugs! be blessed
~Beyond Measure

Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

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