5 DIY Custom Fit Sentiments for your Nestabilities Tutorial!

Here is the tutorial I promised you!!  Have you ever wanted to use your own sentiment or quote, but couldn't get it to fit inside your die cut? Well, how to make your own sentiments in the computer (photoshop) to fit your Spellbinder Nestabilities (or any die cut shape you own!)

Step 1 ▼  is to scan your metal die at 300dpi.  Personally I scan the whole pack at once and save a master copy so that I can come back to it at any time for any size I may need!  Here is my scan opened up in Photoshop.  Remember, it's very important for your image to scan at 300dpi so that everything prints out perfect to fit!  Once you open your image you can check the image size by going to Image > Image Size .

Step 2 ▼ I like to make sure my sentiment fits inside the embossing line of the die.  So I am basically just using the image of the die as a guide for typing my sentiment and/or design!

Step 3 ▼ I type my first word "Thank" to the left side.  I used font Garamond Permier Pro at 30pts.  Don't forget that you can use any color you like to match your card!!

Step 4 ▼ Then I typed a pretty "You" using The King & Queen font.  Notice I kept it from touch the embossing line too close.  You don't want it right on it, you need just a little margin.

Step 5 ▼ Then I used a photoshop custom shape and added the leaf shape.  I used the Transform tool (ctrl T) to rotate it to fit inside the curve.  Once I got the bottom leaf in the position I wanted I duplicate that layer (ctrl J) and moved it up and flipped it vertically (ctrl T - then right click on the bounding box and choose 'flip vertical') so it would match on the top side curve! 

 Now you are done with your design and are ready to print - but we'll get to that step in a minute.  We are going to do another scan!

 Now here is a scenario that may very easily arise and I wanted to share this correction technique with you!  What if your scan is crooked?  Well here is how you straighten it with the Ruler Tool.

 Step 6 ▼ If your scan is crooked select the 'Ruler Tool' shown below

 Step 7 ▼ Find two points in your scan that are suppose to be "even".  For instance, I used the 2 top "humps" on the die (click for larger view) I clicked once on the left hump and draaaaaaged my mouse over to the hump on the right side as shown below!

 Step 8 ▼ Next (while your "ruler" is still layed down) go to Image>Image Rotation>Arbitrary 

 Step 9 ▼ You will get a little dialog box to pop up with a measurement already there!  And guess what?  B/c your ruler tool is already set...... IT KNOWS how much to rotate in order to make it straight!!  How cool is that??  (and b/c we went from left to right with our ruler we want CCW for CounterClockWise).  I LOVE how it does all the mathematical measurements for me b/c if it didn't I proly wouldn't use this tool!!! LOL

 Step 10 ▼ And there you have it!! A straight scan!!  ps. this technique works great with crooked photos too!  No need to worry about the transparent areas it gives you unless it just bothers you then you can add a layer below and fill it with white!  =)

 Step 11 ▼  Since I showed you how to straighten a scan I figured I would go ahead and make another sentiment!  This time I choose pink for the color of the text (font Lapointe) and red for the little heart shapes.

 Step 12 ▼  Time to Print!!  Before you print you'll want to turn off your scan layer b/c you don't want to print that!  Just click the eyeball off! ;-)

 Step 13 ▼ Once you've hit print and the print dialog box comes up in Photoshop.  I like to position my image closer to the corner so that I don't waste paper!  Uncheck the "center image" checkbox and then you can set a top and left margin.  I choose .5 b/c that is enough room for this particular die to fit around.   But be careful to give yourself enough room to fit your die around the design!  Now you are ready to print!

 Step 14 ▼  Now its time to make your cut!  Center your die over your design.  I use blue painters tape to hold my die in place.  Make sure the cutting side is facing down onto your image.  Now go roll it through!!

There you have it!  A custom fit sentiment!

Here are two examples I wanted to share with you!  If you are experienced in your Photoshop software you could get very creative with this using fonts, custom shapes, and brushes!  The possibilities are endless!  I like to use contrasting fonts like below.  I used a basic Times New Roman for the word "true" and "Kind & Queen" font for the word "love".  I also added a swirly custom shape under the word "true".  I made it look like it was part of the L.  Then I added 3 small hearts, very simple yet it gives it that extra touch!!

On this one I added some swirls and let them run over the edges.
The internet is FULL of free fonts, custom shapes, and brushes!!  Go get 'em and get creative!!  If you have any questions about this technique or if I didn't explain something right - please just ask me!! It's what I'm here for!!  =)  The most important thing to remember about this technique is to make sure you scan your image at 300dpi.  So that it prints out to fit your die perfectly!!

I hope you like this tutorial and find it useful, if you have an idea for another just let me know!


Heather D. said...

This is AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time to create this tutorial for us. Soooo very cool! Definitely a keeper :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! What a Great tutorial.

Cheryl said...

This is a great tutorial! Thank you! I can't wait to give it a try.

Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

WOW!!! This is sooooo awesome! wendy xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tutorial.

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