0 Gift Canister Tutorial!

December is upon us and last minute gift buying is in high swing. This month I am going to share two gift packaging ideas. Today I am playing with the Christmas Ornament set from Tiffany Doodles. This is another set with multiple images and endless possibilities!

I am adhering my ornaments on an empty lemonade container. I love this little container because it is a great size to put all sorts of little treats in and a friend clued me in that it is the perfect size for a small group of Copic markers, which makes me happy! The supplies for this project are:

Empty canister - Mine is a Walmart lemonade mix canister Patterned paper - Basic Grey Ribbon - American Crafts Stickles - Black Diamond I started by peeling the label off the canister and measuring the size for my golden patterned paper. I also measured the top of the lid and cut a circle out of my darker patterned paper. I used my E49 to color the sides and outer edge of the top of my lid. Then I adhered the paper to the canister and lid.

Next I measured and adhered ribbon to the top edge of the canister. I added four small bows around the canister and lastly used Stickles to add small dot chains running down from each of the bows.    

On to coloring the images. I am going to show you one ornament I colored red and one green side by side. I printed my images on Kraft cardstock this time. Typically any brand of Kraft cardstock is going to be softer and have a lot more tooth then your usual smooth white cardstock. The ink will bleed further but the colors blend very easily. Step #1 - On your red ornament start with R20 and on your green start with YG11, color the majority of your ornament.

Step #2 - Add your first layer of shading with R24 and YG13.  

Step #3 - No blending yet, add R29 and YG17 to your red and green ornaments.  

Step #4 - I added one last shade on my red ornament. I added R39 to the darkest areas, R59 or R89 could be substituted or you can skip this step entirely.

Step #5 - I worked in reverse and blended my colors together. On the green ornament I used YG13 then YG11 to complete my blending. On the red ornament I used R29, R24 and then R20 to smooth the colors.

Two ornaments complete and ready to go. I colored four ornaments and then cut them out. I did not try to cut out the bows or the chains since I have already added those on my canister. I curled each image slightly so that it would curve with the canister and then adhered them with pop dots. As a side note when I do this project again I will make sure to have black pop dots you can see them as you turn the canister and black would look much better!

One canister ready to fill with goodies for a friend. Thanks for checking out the tutorial. I’ll be back in a couple weeks with another quick Holiday idea. In the mean time you can see my other doings over at my blog if you are interested at www.scrapweaver.com


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