4 Beaded Broche from Digital Stamp

I used the Little Tree Digital Stamp to make this pretty little beaded broche. I really had no idea how to go about making a crafty broche, but this is what I came up with!

I started by tracing the little tree on some felt and cutting out 2 pieces each.  I purposely left tabs on the top of each piece so that I would have spots to sew it all together.  I also cut out 2 little flowers with 2 leaves each.  I sewed them on with cream embroidery thread.  Then I just began sewing on various beads in different sizes and colors.  I made sure they were all very pastel shades to keep the "look" I was going for!

Once I got all the beads sewed on like I wanted I put the 2 pieces together and blanket stitched around the edges leaving the top open (except for the very top smallest piece).

Then I placed where I wanted them to be and sewed them onto the back.  I came up through the beads while sewing since you can't see it anyway b/c the thread is the same color and there are too many beads!

After I got the 3 pieces sewed together I cut out another piece kinda in the shape of the tree just smaller.  Then I sewed the pin onto this piece.

Then I sewed that whole piece onto the back using the running stitch, just making sure it held in place!

And there you have it!  My little Christmas tree broche!!  Hope you like!  Try your own!  Makes a great gift and it was fun to make!!

I had so much fun making this that I decided to make another, only a little different!  At the last minute as I was sewing up the edges, I thought it needed a bit of dimension so I grabbed a kleenex from the desk next to me and smooshed it inside and finished sewing up.

Hope you enjoyed this different kind of project!


debb said...


donna mikasa said...

Beautiful pins, Tiff! That tree is one of my all time faves! Thanks for some great inspiration--love it!!

Keely Yowler said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial!

Ellie Buster said...

Beautiful .

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