1 Copic Coloring Tuturial - Fox

Hi guys, it's Michelle, your Tiffany Tutor!  I am back with a second tutorial from the Fall Critters set from Tiffany Doodles. I love these little guys. Today I am coloring the fox. You are going to see a finished version on my card where the fox has dark front feet and in my directions I color the front feet lighter. I peeked at some real photos of foxes and found them both ways. Here is the cut list and supplies you will need for this card. Cardstock, Bazzil Basics, Java - 5½” x 11” Patterned paper, Prima, Alla-Prima collection - darker gold 5” x 5”, lighter gold 4½” x 4½” Twine, American Crafts - 20” Wood buttons - Studio Calico Ink - Memento, Rich Cocoa

I assembled my card first. I started by rounding the corners on my lighter patterned paper and inking the edges of both patterned papers.
I folded my twine over so it had 3 strands and tied a small bow to one side. I then strung the largest button right behind the bow and the smaller buttons, one to each side. I adhered my paper to my card base and set this aside. I did not attach my twine yet because I want to make sure the buttons are on either side of the image.

For the Copic image I am using X-Press It Blending Card. I printed the image so it is a 3½” square. The colors I used are E0000, E07, E09, E11, E33, E35, E37, E47, E49, B91, B95, Y32, Y35, YR14, YR16 and YR18. That is a lot of colors for a pretty simple image. If you do not have some try substituting. If you need suggestions for options please ask! The fox’s front feet on my finished card are colored with the E47 and E49. In my demonstration I am using the E0000 and E11 on the lighter areas. You can choose the look you like.

Step #1 - I am coloring all the leaves to start. Three of the leaves are colored with YR14 and the other two I colored with Y32.

Step #2 - I used YR16 and Y35 to add shading from the center outward on each leaf.

Step #3 - Use YR18 and another layer of Y35 to add the very darkest part of the shading on the leaves.

Step #4 - I went back in with my YR14 and Y32 to soften the look of the shading on the leaves. I also filled the front paws and tip of the tail in with E0000.

Step #5 - I used my E11 to add a touch of shading to the front paws and tail tip. I used the very tip of my brush nib to add these small streaks.

Step #6 - You can soften the streaking with your E0000 or you can leave the texture just as it is. I added E0000 on the tip of the nose and the ears.

Step #7 - I filled the face with E07 leaving just the tip of the nose. I also colored the outer edges of the ears with the E07.

Step #8 - I used the E0000 to soften the ears and then used E11 to go over the tip of the nose, this softened the E07 and E0000.

Step #9 - I used my E09 to add some shading to the underside of the head.

Step #10 - Use your E07 to soften the edge between the E07 and E09. Then fill in the rest of the body of the fox with E07.

Step #11 - I used E09 to add shading to the body of the fox.

Step #12 - If you need to do some blending, blend your E09 in with your E07 and then fill in the sky with B91.

Step #13 - With your B95 add feathering from the outer edges of the sky inward.

Step #14 - Blend the B95 back in with your B91. Also add E33 to the ground area. This does not need to be saturated. We will be adding layers randomly and want a textured look.

Step #15 - Add E35 to the ground area in random squiggles.

Step #16 - I added E37 for my last layer on the ground, again in loose squiggles.

Step #17 - I wanted to soften the look of the ground so I went over the entire area with my E33 one last time.

With the image finished I rounded the edges, centered the twine under my image and attached both to my card. To finish the inside of your card nicely you might want to cut an extra piece of paper 5¼” square and adhere it on the interior of the card hide the loose ends of the twine. On my card I used the fox that I colored with darker front paws.

Thanks again for taking a look at my tutorial. I hope it was helpful and if you have any questions or requests please ask! If you would like to see my other doings you can also stop by my new blog at scrapweaver.com.

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