8 Tiffany Doodles Blog Hop! Day 3 of 3!

Welcome to Day 3 of our Tiffany Doodles Blog Hop! We hope you had a great time on the previous 2 days, and perhaps found some inspiration along the way!

In case you missed yesterday, click here to catch up from Day 1 and Day 2!  Be sure to participate everyday by commenting on each post & following every blog to be eligible for all prizes.

Today is the last day of the hop! We hope you have enjoyed the tour!!  In order to qualify for all prizes you must:
  1. participate everyday
  2. comment on every participants post
  3. follow every participants blog
  4. Special Note: Make sure that your Blog and Email are listed in your Blogger profile for notification purposes.  If your email is not visible on your profile make sure it is easy to find on your blog.  Thanks! 
While your hopping keep in mind the SALE we are having this weekend at the store!! All Bird and Flower Digital stamps are on sale for 25% off!  No coupon necessary, discount will be taken at the register.  Your welcome!  =)  PS. Even more sales listed below!

By participating daily in our Blog Hop you will be eligible for prizes!  Lots of prizes! Total Prizes valued at OVER $220!!  All winners will be chosen randomly.  Everyday we will chose 3 winners.  Chosen from the main TD blog.  Your participation on the other blogs will be verified prior to announcement.  If you have won you will be notified by email, so make sure you email is easy to find either in your comment, your blogger profile, or on your blog.  All winners will be announced on the blog after the hop is over.  Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
3 winners * 3 winners * 3 winners *
* $10 Shopping Spree
* 50 Doodle Soup Reward Points
* Fall Leaves (png) Elements Pack
for each winner

Even if you don't win on 1 of the 3 days - you still have a chance to win the Grand Prize!!  The Grand Prize will be chosen randomly from the main TD blog from all participants from everyday.

Grand Prize
1 winner *
* Level 5 Membership
* $25 Shopping Spree
* Fall Leaves (png) Elements Pack

Today's video tutorial

There are 2 ways to earn extra entries!!
1) You can earn extra entries for today's prize if you make a card
with any Bird images by Tiffany Doodles
If you would like too, link your card through inlinkz on the main blog post.
Enter as many times as you wish! One entry per card submitted.
2) If your not up for making a card, you can write your own post
about our Blog Hop & Tiffany Doodles Digi stamps!
If you post about us you can earn 5 extra entries!!
Also submit your post to the inlinkz below!

Only $1.00
On today's Hop we are featuring cards made with Bird images by Tiffany Doodles!  I've decided to make a clean & simple card using the Birthday Chick Digital Stamp!  Join me and I'll show you my little tricks to make this easy card!

First of all I printed my digi onto my cardstock.  Then I cut out the top part of the hat so that I could slide the metal die under it.  I wanted the top of the hat to stick out beyond the circle!  This is a really fun technique that has endless possibilities for creativity!! I use a little painters tape to hold it in place while I run it through my Big Kick!

Now, on my set of circle dies the next size up was just a little too big to suit me so I cut my own circle for the backdrop.  I used my Martha Stewart circle cutter, but any will do.  My piece of black paper was too small to set still so I taped it down.  Then I placed my birdie on top of the black paper so I could see which size I wanted to cut. 

Here is a close up.  Gotta make sure the MS logo is in the center of your digi while you are looking for which size you want to cut.  After you figure that out then, I moved birdie out the way and cut my black circle out!

And here you have it!  Fits just like I wanted it to!

Next you cut away the white paper around the top of the hat with your precision point scissors!

Then use a black pen to color any what areas that didn't get cut.  Makes it look MUCH better!!

Then I cut out my labels for the sentiment!  1 black and 1 white!

Then I cut the edges off the white so I would have a perfect fit for my sentiment!

Then I cut my paper stripes! My finished card size is 5" x 6.5"  So I cut 5 yellow strips at 3/8" each.  Then 4 white strips and 3/8" each!

Glue your strips down first before cutting.  Like this.

This is what it will look like!

Then take your card to the paper cutter and line it up with your card base and cut strips off!  This method will make everything nice and neat!

Then I used my bow easy to make a little tiny pink bow for my card!  LOVE this thing!!

Then I used my corner rounder and cut all for corners on the 1/2" setting!  Then all you have left to do is assemble your card!!  Make sure you center everything before gluing!   ..... Tiffany thinks to self.... maybe they won't notice that I didn't get my birdie in the center!! shhh!!


    September Sales

    Besides the Blog Hop sale we have going on,
    we are also having 2 other sales in the store!

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    Video Tutor Details Here.    Position has been filled. Thanks.
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    Here are you blog hop links for Day 3....
    1. Tiffany Doodles (start)
    2. Donna Mikasa
    3. Deirdre Horgan
    4. Anette Hjerpaasen
    5. Collette Landwer
    6. Sally Sherfield
    7. Jessica Griffin 
    8. Tiffany Richards

    Thank you so much for joining us on this inspiring blog hop!  It's all been for you ... the loyal fans!  Please remember Tiffany Doodles when making all of your holiday cards!  Your patronage is very much appreciated!!  Good luck on winning the Grand Prize!  All winners will be announced tomorrow (Mon)!!

    Submit Your Entry Here


    Jessica Griffin said...

    Beautiful card Tiffany! I love all the little details, and how you really made it "yours!"

    Willemien's Blog said...

    Cute card Tiffany!

    sunghee said...

    Thanks for the tut! What a delightful card!

    judkajudi said...

    You have worked really hard on these tutorials! I love learning new stuff! Wonderful card!

    Pam W Merwin said...

    Love the little bird! Thanks so much for the detailed instructions :-)

    Tracy said...

    Great Tutorials, thanks :)

    Dawn said...

    Amazing Tiffany. Your tutorial is great. I always wondered how to get the perfect inside bit for the tag die...

    cardcreationsnz said...

    Great tutorial. Cute bird. Lovely card.

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