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Banner Spots available now!

Tiffany Doodles is now gathering sponsors for the Blog!  If you would like to get a little (or a lot!) of extra exposure for your site then you can now purchase a banner spot for your ad!  With very affordable pricing there are options to fit everyone's advertising needs!  I have spots available in the middle and right columns!

Payment will be made in full via paypal before your banner displays on Tiffany Doodles blog.  Don't have a banner?  I can design one for you!

Actual banner sizes available:

pic name
pic name

pic name

Banner Pricing




1 Month $5 $8 $10
3 Months* $15 $24 $30
6 Months** $25 $40 $50

* Get 14 extra days!
** Get 1 extra month!

Banner Design

Don't have a banner? I can design one special just for you!  Choose your size above.
Banner $35
Animated $45

Tiffany Doodles Stats

These are my average Blog stats for any given month of 2011.
  • Average Monthly Visits: 5,115
  • Average Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors: 3,480
  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 7,950
These are my average Store stats for any given month of 2011.
  • Average Monthly Visits: 5,875
  • Average Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors: 4,093
  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 28,935
 As you can see, the potential for increased traffic is significant, although I cannot guarantee it.  Won't you consider advertising with us?

Email Tiffany today!


Banner Printing said...

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