9 Ask Tiffany!

I have a fun new feature starting here at Tiffany Doodles!  "Ask Tiffany" Here you can ask me any question you'd like about digital stamps, paper crafting, copics, photoshop, graphic design, web design, computers, sewing (not that I'm an expert), shih-tzus, chickens, country life and more!

Just post your question here in the comments on this post!  If I choose your question, I'll answer it in a new post along with your name!

Plus, along with announcing your name as the winner, you will win 1 free digi from Tiffany Doodles!  You can't beat that!!

I thought this would be a fun way to interact with all the loyal Tiffany Doodles fans out there!  So, ask away, I could choose to answer your question!

P.S. no matter how old this post may get, each time I pick a question.  I will choose from ALL un-answered questions.

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Tami B. said...

I would like to know about SVG's and "non-Cricut" cutting using other machines and software. (I know SO little about it, I don't even know how to ask about it.)

Isha said...

I sure am going to love this section since I really want to make more cards using the digi's but lack of printing knowledge holds me back.
Do I always use A4 sheet of paper and print several images, how to save paper while printing only 1/2 images.
Next question is about paper piecing with Digi. Do I print the full image on printed paper, even thou I need only a part of it???
Thanks in advance Tiffany.

Jennifer S said...

Ha, Love the areas of expertise. How long have you been raising chickens? I have my hands full with four Isa Browns that won't play nice with two EE's. Hopefully they get along soon because snow will soon be flying here in MI. I guess my questions should be stamp related :) Do you use punches to cut out your sentiments or spellbinders?

Scrapalajen said...

How do store your digis other than in categories so that I can give out proper credit to the artists?

Also, what kind of paper would you use to print your digis upon aside from Neenah Cardstock paper?

jperr said...

Hi Tiffany
Iam so glad you have started the this feed.Is there any chance you can do a real first time user tutorial for Adobe Photo Shop Elements 9 on how to bring images in and manipulate them.I have tried but just can't figure it out. Help

Janetcraft said...

Hi Tiffany, I understand that you use photoshop to make some of your designs. I need to know the detail steps in making this. So shld I get the full version of photoshop? if yes, what is the version and what is the steps?

Bonnie Elliott said...

I would love to us watercolor on my digi stamps; but, I do not know what paper you would use to achieve the watercolor process. I have tried using watercolor paper in my printer; but, it does not allow it. Can you help? Thanks, Bonnie

luvthatstampin said...

How do you make a mirroe image? I know just enough about digis to hang myself, LOL.

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Tiffany! What a great idea this is!! I was given PSE9 for Mother's Day last yr and I would love to turn some of my photography into digital images .. would you be able to steer me in the right direction? Thanks a bunch!

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