0 New Photo Sharing Site for my Broken Images!

I am so sorry for the broken Tiffany Doodles images that you may have on your sites, blogs and sidebars. My account at Photobucket is still down (my acct was in the small 2% that has issues). So, I've decided that I didn't want to wait around any longer and moved on from PB. I've opened a new account at SmugMug and have corrected all of my image links to get things back in order. They are better than Photobucket ever was. They are user friendly, very organized and Ft. Knox for backup & security. And did I mention, they don't compress your photos at all! SmugMug is geared toward professional photographers but still works in the same way as Photobucket with direct linking to your images, etc.

If you decide to try out SmugMug (you get a free 14 day trial) then the basic plan is $40 a year. If you use my email as a referral (tiff.web@gmail.com) you will get $5 off your subscription! Cool! Please don't find yourself in the same boat I did with Photobucket having a major screw up. Get your images in a secure and reliable location - like I've done!

Now, to correct your broken links!

Here is the button/badge page with all new links to secure images that won't ever disappear or make your blog look ugly again!   Thank you so much for your patience through this Photobucket mess.


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