0 Japanese Magnolia - Sneak Peak

   This new Japanese Magnolia Digital Stamp Set will include 5 new images!  And a brand new feature I will offer on select stamps sets are new Pre-Colored versions!  You'll be able to see them in 2 days!  This stamp set will be available in the store on Wed, March 23, 2011.  Also, instead of putting this item on sale like I usually do with new releases I have decided that if you buy the brand new colored version, I will donate 100% of those sales to the Red Cross to help in relief efforts for Japan.
   This Japanese Magnolia set is the first in a new series I will be releasing over the next couple of weeks.  This new series is called "Granny's Yard".  I named it this because that is where all the photos came from which have inspired these new sets of Digital Stamps you will see!  For instance, this Japanese Magnolia tree (or tulip tree as many southerners call it) sits in a tight spot between the pump house and the well in Granny's yard.  She has said many times that she wishes they had planted it in another spot so many years ago, somewhere where it could be better seen.  It has been so pretty this spring!
   I have another piece of exciting news to share with you and that is - coming VERY soon, I will be offering a few of my artistic photography prints for sale in the store!  The photo prints I plan to share with you are what inspire the digital stamps that I draw!  As you can see in the image above, from photo to digital stamp!  They will all have an artistic flare and will be available in many standard sizes such as 5x7, 8x10, & 11x14.  You can choose to have them professionally mounted or even choose to buy them as Gallery Wraps, which are very impressive pieces of work!!  Much more info will be coming soon on my Photo Prints!

Pattie used the traditional digi stamps set and colored the flowers beautifully herself!

Kim was running short on time and used the pre-colored version! What a great way to save a bit of time and still create a beautifully handmade card!
Thank you for checking out this sneak peak for the new Japanese Magnolia Digital Stamp set!  It will be available in the store on Wednesday, March 23, 2011!


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