1 Egg Hunt starting Friday!

Starting on Friday get your hunting hats on!  You will get to go on an Egg Hunt through the whole Tiffany Doodles store!  There will be 4 eggs hidden somewhere on the site!  It's up to you to find all 4 and then email me their locations!  Your name will then be added to an Easter basket for a Grand Prize drawing!!  Find out Friday what the prize will be!!

Also, just wanted to tell you....  Firefox 4 came out yesterday!  If you want the most awesome web experience available - please download it today!  It has a whole new look and tons of incredibly useful tools!!  I love Firefox and highly recommend it for it's speed, stability and total awesomeness.  Not to mention,  it adheres to the HTML5 & CSS3 rules, which means that ALL websites look better on Firefox!   Being a web designer, it is important to me that you see the sites I build in the way I intended them to be seen!  (I'm not affiliated, I just LOVE it!)


Anonymous said...

FUN! Cant wait!

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