5 Winners for TD07

Are you looking for Freebie Thursday? You will now find it in the right sidebar of the new store!

Congratulations to our 7th set of Challenge winners! Ladies, head over to the store and email your picks to me!

1st Place

Paul (#13) you have won 7 digis!!
2nd Place

Lindsay (#4) you have won 5 digis!!
3rd Place

Jan Hunnicutt (#27) you have won 3 digis!!
Random Winner

Sypder (#17) - you have won 3 digis!!

Ladies (& Gentlemen!), be sure to grab your "winner" badge in the sidebar!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge, it was really fun to see all the various talent! Be sure to participate in our next challenge - A Sketch!


Paul said...

Yipeee! Was gonna head on over to the store but it says 'ladies, head on over'! Does that mean I'm not allowed??? lol

Thanks for the challenge and will mail you soon

Willemien's Blog said...

Congrats Gentleman and ladies :D There were some awesome cards created for the challenge!

donna mikasa said...

congrats, Paul and ladies! you are definitely welcome to the TD store! hope to see you in future challenges!

Spyder said...

Ohooo My goodness is that really me!?! I've only just spotted this and now I'm doing a little jig, so glad you can't see!

Spyder said...

Hi me again, I have emailed twice, but maybe it was the wrong email, sorry if it was! I'm not sure where or which digi's I can chose.


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