1 St. Jude Card Drive!

I made this cute & colorful little paper pieced card for the St. Jude Card drive!  I encourage everyone to participate in this wonderful cause!  Your host for this drive is Winter Sims of Winter Wonderland!  But we have a deadline!  You must have your cards mailed in to Winter by January 31 so that they can get them to the children in time for Valentine's Day!  Check the link above for all the details and address.  There are just a couple little rules, set by St. Jude, to follow regarding making and signing your cards so please read her post about it!

I wouldn't have known about this great cause if it weren't for my dear friend, and Design Team Member at Tiffany Doodles, Karen Baker! Thank you Karen for telling me about this!  This is a charity dear to my heart!

I am also proud to say the Tiffany Doodles is one of the official sponsors for this St. Jude card drive!  So please read Winter's post about how to participate and win some prizes!

Wanna see some more creativity?  Stop by and see cards made by a few other of my lovely and generous Design Team Members, Kim Schofield, Collette Landwer, Jeannie DeGruccio, and Karen Baker!

A little Snippet for you!  Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday, for a Paper Piecing Tutorial on Tiffany Doodles new feature: Two Minute Tuesdays!


Karen B. said...

Ooh, so bright and pretty, and can't wait for the tutorial. I'm not very good at those things!

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