8 New Year & New Store!

Greetings everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic New Year! I am so excited to finally introduce you to the brand new.... Tiffany Doodles!

Please come by and check it out!  There are lots of new features including a much easier way to search for the digis you're looking for.  You earn points with everything you buy and can redeem them for digis!  You can purchase memberships and enjoy discounts throughout the store!  I now offer digital papers and paper templates.  Setup personal accounts, pay with Paypal or a Credit Card, buy Gift Certificates and lots more!!
While the store is brand new I would be very grateful for any tips you have regarding broken links or things that might not be working correctly.  I'd appreciate your help while working out any kinks!

I'd also like to announce the winners for the 3 days of giveaways!
Day 1 Winner is - Papertrails by a Paper Lover
Day 2 Winner is - Stacie (crafty princess)
Day 3 Winner is - Debra
Congrats ladies! Email your requests to me and grab a winners badge from the sidebar!!  Thank you to everyone who played along!

Oh, and I hope you enjoy all of the new valentines digis I just released today!  There are 9 new sets, 24 digis in all!!  Enjoy!  You know what?  While I'm at it let me just give one of those sets away to a random commenter today to this post!!  Happy New Year!


Kathy Bradley said...

The new store is wonderful and the new Valentine's Day sets are fabulous - I am going to order as soon as I stop typying. Congratulations on the grand opening of your new store - and may you have an amazing 2011!

Lillian Child said...

Congrats and BEST of luck on your new adventure!

Tabitha said...

Valentine's Digi are looking good. Congratulations and have a wonderful New year.

Frances said...

The store looks very nice, and the valentines images wonderful!!!

Scrappy Rat said...

The new store looks fabulous! Great job!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Thanks!! I will have to browse around before e-mailing you!

Congrats on the new store...and to the other winners!!

MyNeed2Craft said...

I feel like a stalker. LOL I found one of your other sites - Tiffany's Garden - that I got from Crafter's Digital Art Center and wound up back here, where I followed you this morning. Now I am your friend at both. Lucky you. LOL!

So I will take this opportunity to enter. :)


Nana Donna said...

Tiffany I love the look of the new store, sorry it took me so long to stop by. Congratulations I am off to look for a wedding cake image

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