0 Can I Include Your Card for a Store Sample?

As you may know I'm working very hard to create a fantastic new store/shopping cart for a much better shopping experience!  I plan to show samples for every digi stamp in my inventory!  I will continually get all of the samples from the Tiffany Doodles Flickr Gallery.  So, if you've already submitted cards to that gallery, you will likely see your card as a sample in the new store.  Each image used will have a Card/Photo credit via the image link back to Your Flickr page!  So the benefits of submitting your card (made with a Tiffany Doodles image) to the Flickr gallery is that 1) it's extra exposure to have your card seen & commented on by flickr fans all over the world and 2)  if your card is used you will get a credit link back!

So, consider this post a big SHOUT OUT to submit any cards you have made (old ones, new ones, past ones and future ones) with a Tiffany Doodles Digi Stamp to the Flickr Gallery NOW!!  This will be very helpful while the store is being built!  Thank you all so much for being such great fans!  I'm hoping to have the store open  by Christmas time!!


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