2 4x4 Rebel Truck

Get 4x4 Rebel Jeep Truck Digital Stamp from the Tiffany Doodles Digital Stamp Store!  You'll also find other digi stamps similar to this one!
Be sure to upload your TD digi stamp project to our Tiffany Doodles Flickr Group Gallery! It may be used as an example in the Tiffany Doodles Store!
My original photograph:


ThatGirl said...

Nice drawing of the truck and the squirrel. Nice photos too. Did you draw the truck and the squirrel?

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much! I really enjoy it! No, those are done in photoshop. I created them from my original photographs! I call them photosketches. All the posts that have a matching photograph are my "photosketches"! ALL others on this site are hand-drawn!

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